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Violence Escalating in Bahrain

In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Most Merciful

According to the world’s major news outlets, the violence being used against the people of Bahrain has been escalating in the past few days. The Saudi governments have both conspired against the peaceful demonstrators in Bahrain by sending their armed forces to strike the opposition.   The Peaceful demonstrators in Bahrain have been calling for justice, equality, human rights and economical and constitutional reform. Instead of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates both standing alongside the demonstrators, their armed forces have been shooting them down and sending them to the hospitals with major wounds and injuries.

We call upon the United Nations and all its members to take a firm stand against the Bahraini invasion by forging troops. We, as citizens of this country also call upon our United States’ government to use its influence on the Saudi government to stop their violence against the peaceful demonstrators immediately.

I call upon all Americans to participate in the peaceful demonstrations taking place in front of the white house and the Bahraini Embassy. I also call upon all fellow Americans to do their part in voicing their opinion by writing to your member of congress, white house, United Nations and finally to the Bahraini Embassy.

Peace be upon you all,

Imam Sayed Jawad Qazwini

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A Vote of Thanks to Our Supporters

The hearing held on Thursday March 10th 2011 conducted by US Representative Peter King was not a success. Many faith leaders, academics, civil leaders and representatives who believe in equality and human dignity stood firm against his organized bigotry. We, as American Muslims, must do our part in thanking those individuals who stand with us. The Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad, has stated in a famous tradition that “whoever thanks not my servants or creation does not give me glory.”  Thus, it is our duty as Muslims first and as citizens of this nation to give special thanks to those who stood with us in such crucial times.

I would like to especially thank my dear friends:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Congressman Al Green of Texas, Congressman John Dingill of Michigan and Congressman Keith Ellison.   I would like also like to thank the LA Sheriff’s Department and a special thanks to Professor John Esposito.

Please do your part in thanking those individuals in support of our community.

Also, spend some time to find out what the views of your local authorities and representatives are.  If you believe they are like those of King’s organized bigotry, please voice your condemnation by writing them an email or calling their offices.  At the same time, we must not forget the ethical and moral teachings of Islam in dealing with those whom we have a difference of opinion with.

Peace be with you.

Imam Sayed Jawad Qazwini

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I strongly condemn the hearings held by US Representative Peter King. Such hearings are truly un-American and a sad event to be written about in American history.
I salute US Representative Keith Ellison for his courageous and heartfelt remarks in yesterday’s hearing. As Americans we must condemn in the strongest civil language such acts of blatant bias. The acts of Peter King and his supporters are similar to the era of McCarthy and his xenophobia. All Americans regardless of whether they are Muslim or not must be vocal in their abhorrence of such hearings. The silence of the majority is permission for such a ‘witch-hunt’ to continue of the American Muslim community.

The example of the Jewish community worldwide is to be remembered and their call ‘Never Again’. All those that remained silent during WW2 gave permission to Hitler indirectly. We must not remain silent and embrace and engage our civil liberties, which are our right as human beings and our right as Americans. I am confident that this will not make our country any safer, but it will cause an unnecessary divide in our nation and perpetuate further misunderstanding, alienate the younger generation and perhaps will radicalize the youth who feel they are already suspect guilty as a result of these proceedings. It also may further put our troops in harm’s way. Representative Peter King is singling out the American Muslim community and has an ill informed belief that this will benefit counter terrorism efforts- he is grossly mistaken.

His actions and such hearings, will only give them a more convincing belief that America is at war with Islam and this would a dismal path. Let’s work toward building bridges. This great nation was able to open a conversation about the ugly history of slavery, racism and anti-Semitism, we can have a real dialogue of respect and understanding getting to the root issues of extremism rather than perpetuating Islamophobia. I ask you all to speak out against this injustice in a peaceful manner and protest this hatred towards the American Muslim community.

Peace be with you.

Imam Sayed Jawad Qazwini

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Help the People of Bahrain

In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful.

Over the past few days, the people of Bahrain have been holding peaceful protests against the injustices of their government and ruling system. They have been brutally attacked and abused by police forces. Such acts are abhorrent and clearly against the most basic principals of Islam. Regard for human life is paramount. While the Muslim world celebrates the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), the Bahraini Government must remind itself of the teachings of the Islamic faith and Prophet Mohammad: freedom of expression, equality of all humans regardless of sect, race, nationality. Freedom of religion and human rights are the most basic principals and teachings of the Prophet. I ask all people, regardless of their faith and nationality, to show and demonstrate their support and solidarity for the people of Bahrain.

Please use the following suggestions to voice your opinion:

1. Write to the Bahraini Embassy in your country expressing your objections to violent actions against peaceful demonstrators.

2. If you are in the US, write to your Congressional Representative to put pressure on the Bahraini Government to stop the innocent slaughter of women and children.

3. Participate in respectful and peaceful protests in your country in support of the freedom of the people of Bahrain.

Thank you in advance for your action and support in this matter.


Imam Sayed Mohammad Jawad Qazwini

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Today, if anyone applied to a university, they will first and foremost be asked to provide a high school diploma and, once this high school diploma is presented, they will look further in one’s application submitted to the university. Similarly, if one applied for a job, they would be asked for a collage degree and, once that is presented, they will look further into the person’s resume. All of these are prerequisites for school or work. If everything was not in order, then the rest would not make any difference since everything is based on the previous requirement. In Islam, we have a similar notion with prayers (Salaat). If our prayer is not accepted, then none of our actions are look at. Prayer is a pillar of our Islamic faith. However, many pray and do not get what they should in terms of effects on their lives. They are spiritually and mentally stagnant while performing the five daily prayers every day. How do we establish a prayer that has its effects in our lives? This is the topic of this lecture. The reason why this series of lectures were concluded by this topic is because of its importance in Islam and the lives of all Muslims. Feel free to listen and share using this link:

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When people grief and commemorate a tragic event, they don’t usually sit and listen to an educator for hours and learn about many different topics in regards to their faith. However, the followers of Ahlulbayt do so while commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain in the months of Moharram and Safar. Where did this originate from? Who was the very first speaker in this field? How is it that all Muslims alike should follow his footsteps and why? These are the types of questions addressed in this lecture. Then, we examined the two main principles of this universal pulpit and how is it very important to stay focused on those two main principles. Finally, the sermon of the fourth Imam, Ali Ibn Hussain, was recited in Arabic and English in conclusion of this topic.  Click this link to view the entire video of this lecture:

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In this lecture, we narrate the entire tragedy of Karbala from the start of the day of Ashura all the way to the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his companions. Ashura marks a day of mourning and sorrow. The following link will lead you to this particular sermon:

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While we examine the youth in the global Muslim community, we find they have many challenges which lay ahead of them. Amongst them is keeping their piety and riotousness while the world is now a place for entertaining desires and physical needs without control. Amongst their challenges in observing chastity is the hardship they face in finding the right spouse in an Islamic environment. Of course, the greatest challenge for many youth in America is the culture clash and identity crises they face on daily bases. After we examine all of these challenges, we find that today, Muslim youth around the globe face a big threat from Muslim extremists who try to influence them with ideas and persuade them into violence. Today, when we hear of “terrorism” in Muslim counties and read about potential terrorist threats, we find it is carried out by young men and women who are given the tile “Muslim” with “Islamic” names. Where did extremist originate from in the Islamic world? We have covered this topic in history in this lecture. Listen to the entire lecture here:

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Think about this: how many times did you hear the word death over the past year? How many people did you know directly and indirectly, through family or friends, know who were with us last year and are no longer here? Death is a reality that understands no age, gender, nationality or title. It comes to us all equally. Death is the beginning to our next eternal life. Death is the beginning of enjoying God’s mercy and compassion as we will be his guests and he is a very generous host. Islam teaches us to prepare for our next life in every way we can, for once death comes knocking on our doors, it will be the end of our ability to participate in good deeds. Nothing will save us in the next life aside from our good actions which were done purely for God. In this lecture, we revealed why some individuals are afraid of death and why others try to avoid thinking of death. Furthermore, we spoke of how to create an equal balance between thinking of death and being happy in life and continue to achieve success in our work. Finally, the day of Ashura was examined and how it brings the greatest of examples in our lives in regards to being aware of our eternity. For more on this topic, click the following link to watch the entire lecture:

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Allah created human beings to be unique in our own ways. Each human being has different physical features than the next, which also make him or her beautiful in their own right. Similarly, we are also different in the way we think and unique in our own perspectives on life. Allah has allowed us to be independent thinkers and thus, we will always have differences in our opinions. Those differences, for the most part, have been the main reason to divide human beings and create chaos. Much of the world’s violence, killing and bloodshed are due to not knowing how to live with our differences. In this lecture, we target how to create peace amongst people of different faiths and people from different schools of thought. Furthermore, we will talk about how we can settle differences at home and within the family. All through three golden rules introduced to us in the Holy Quran. These rules teach us to live at peace while keeping our differences. This is what the world needs today. If you feel you want to know what the Islamic perspective is about living with individuals of different faiths, then this is a lecture you would not want to miss. Also, if you feel that you have your share of differences at home, then seek Allah’s advice by clicking the following link to listen to the entire lecture:

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