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Grand Hospital in Karbala, Iraq
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It's a little known fact that Iraq lacks basic services and healthcare facilities. Negligence, the war and terrorists have made many healthcare facilities outdated, non-operational, or over-crowded. Almost all current hospitals and clinics lack medicine, equipment and supplies.

The city of Karbala has over 1,000,000 residents and more than fifteen million visitors travel to the city every year. The city’s hospital was built in the 1950 with 200 beds to serve a population of less than 150,000. Presently, the worn-out hospital cannot cope with the medical services needed in the city by its residents and visitors.

Therefore, the Development and Relief Foundation decided to undertake the responsibility of providing the city with fully equipped and specialized hospital to meet the needs of the residents and visitors. This hospital will contain over 480 beds and serve the orphans and less fortunate, free of charge.

Imam Qazwini has been greatly involved in this project since its inception and has raised funds globally to help bring the project to fruition. He also regularly visits the project and receives updates on its development through personnel on the ground.



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